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Employee Absence Scheduling Summary

The Employee Absence Scheduling application allows supervisors to schedule employee activities such as vacation, personal leave, off-site training, etc. Staffing levels can be checked ahead of time to decide on granting leave. Hours are submitted to payroll at the scheduled time.

Employee Absence Scheduling Benefits

  • An advance planning tool for supervisors to ensure proper staffing.
  • Supervisors can view scheduled activities by department to avoid conflicts.
  • Pre-payment for absence can be scheduled eliminating last minute scramble for approval.
  • Supervisors see scheduled absences in regular attendance views.

Employee Absence Scheduling Function and Use

Employee absence scheduling accepts job classification, number of paid hours, a date range, and a payroll processing date for an employee. The scheduled time is entered in the time and attendance database. Payment notification is sent to the payroll system on the payroll processing date, which can be before the scheduled time for prepaying the employee.

Employee Absence Scheduling Features

Supervisory personnel can view scheduled information by week and department to determine whether or not vacation time should be allowed.

Scheduled time is entered in blocks and automatically allocated to shift times on allowed days of the week based on the job classification and employee's default work shift.

Scheduled time is linked into the time and attendance system and the advance scheduling entry screen can be accessed directly by pointing at a scheduled time in the time and attendance entry screen.

The date range is blocked for the employee's shift in time and attendance. This ensures that the employee cannot check in and be paid twice. The supervisor status displays show the employee on the specified job classification.

Employee Absence Scheduling Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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