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Labor Management Summary

The Labor Management application provides labor productivity measurements. Labor can be tracked to workcenters and products. Production rate, direct vs. indirect labor, and overhead vs. manufacturing labor comparisons can guide productivity improvements.

Labor Management Benefits

  • Accurate labor time for cost analysis and control.
  • Historical data for future job estimating.
  • Minimal entry effort for employee.
  • Measurement of actual set-up/breakdown times.
  • Real time status information available.
  • Reduce time spent tracing production.
  • Direct labor hours are linked to payroll information.
  • Track quality activity time for ISO compliance.

Labor Management Function and Use

Labor tracking expands time and attendance to allow recording of set-up, direct labor, breakdown, rework, and indirect labor within a job classification. Employees are guided through this process by fill-in-the-blank screens. Supervisors can display information on the current status of employees, machines, and orders.

Labor Management Features

Direct labor is identified by employee, machine, manufacturing order, and labor type. Indirect labor is identified by machine and a user defined labor code. Selected job classifications from time and attendance can be reported as indirect labor (breaks, lunch, meetings, etc.).

All entry is verified against tables for machines and indirect labor codes. Unverified information can be rejected or accepted but flagged after confirmation by the employee. Order set-up and breakdown time can be measured or a standard time reported.

Supervisory personnel can view current status of employees, machines, and orders as well as historical information. Operators can view status information for themselves on the shift in progress.

Information on labor time is available for costing. Measured production and set-up time can be used to update standards.

Labor Management Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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