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Machine Performance Summary

The Machine Performance application spots constraints, warns of capacity limits or underutilization, and tracks down time. It allows operators to report malfunctioning manufacturing equipment and tracks their repair.

Machine Performance Benefits

  • Calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness from Availability, Performance, & Quality.
  • React quickly to machine impairments.
  • Spot trends in utilization before they become capacity constraints.
  • Analyze excessive repair time or scrap produced.
  • Track machine conformance to standard rates.

Machine Performance Function and Use

Machine Performance distributes time into categories such as production, idle, down, in-repair, etc. It tracks utilization against scheduled time and performance against standard rates.

Repair complaints can be entered by operators and viewed by supervisors/maintenance personnel.

Machine Performance Features

Information entry integrates into labor management entry screens. Status changes of machines (e.g. From in-service to down) can be reported with job completion information.

Maintenance personnel can enter notes concerning the progress of repair and the final repair disposition. These historical notes are available for future reference.

Status of machines can be viewed on a layout display where colors indicate the status of each machine.

Material consumed for repair can be tracked.

Machine difficulties can be tracked to part being produced and operator in charge.

Machine Performance Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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