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Order Execution Summary

The Order Execution application tracks employees to standards and order progress. It provides electronic work lists to direct work and track the process flow through the manufacturing facility in real-time.

Order Execution Benefits

  • Linkage into scheduling systems verifies and defaults entry by operators eliminating errors.
  • Measure actual performance of employees against standards.
  • Electronic worklist displays orders by scheduled priority, eliminating operator guesswork.
  • The ability to determine the location of products saves supervisor time.
  • Having production queue status at all workcenters points out failures or bottlenecks.
  • Scrap analysis can be performed by department identifying areas of improvement.
  • Order movement can be sent as ERP transactions, eliminating manual entry.

Order Execution Function and Use

Order Execution associates manufacturing orders and routing sequences with direct labor activities. It accomplishes this via a real-time linkage into ERP/MRP scheduling systems and uses the schedule to direct factory floor activities.

Order Execution Features

Production is identified by an order/lot number, part number, routing sequence/operation, workcenter or department identification, and machine/location. These identifiers are user-defined and flexible.

Entry by employees is defaulted by expected outcomes. For example, the highest priority order is displayed for acceptance at start of work and starting quantity is displayed for accepting completed good quantity.

Production counts and % good/bad by order, part number and shift are available for display.

Work orders can be viewed by sequence progress and by conformance to schedule. Exceptions from the work schedule can be spotted early. Estimates of completion are available based on real-time rates and standards.

Checks can be made for part quantities in progress regardless of order/lot to check for in progress availability.

Recovered scrap counts and time spent can be analyzed to determine effort expended.

Order Execution Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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