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Reject Analysis Summary

The Reject Analysis application allows expertise on reworking failed parts to be shared with all operators. It captures detailed results of product failings from the factoryInsite® SPC application. Operator actions are suggested based on the failure(s).

Reject Analysis Benefits

  • Operator views history of calibration/testing attempts and is advised as to part disposition.
  • Better utilization of operator time because of level of information available.
  • Suggestions can be based on best knowledge giving operators benefit of experience.
  • Eliminates scrapping all failures, you can tell if part is able to be re-worked.

Reject Analysis Function and Use

Calibration and test data is transferred automatically to reject analysis when the product is marked as failing by a calibration or test process. A detailed database is maintained of calibration and test results linked to the tracking number. Production personnel can request displays of calibration/test history based on the tracking number. Suggestions are displayed for the operator based on the test history. Quality analysis personnel can utilize a wide variety of tools to perform more detailed investigations into failures.

Reject Analysis Features

Suggested recovery actions are displayed when the operator enters the product tracking number. These actions are based on the type of failure and the number of calibration or test re-runs for the individual product.

Intermediate testing or calibration results can be associated with the part runs. This allows capture of test equipment settings or number of calibration retries by automated machinery.

A reject analysis station accepts the product tracking number and can display a summary screen of the most recent failure for the product or a history of all failures for the product. The most recent failure screen displays the suggested resolution.

The reject station does not require a keyboard for operation if the product or holder is barcoded. A barcode reader can be used to select the product and switch displays.

Reports can be produced analyzing the type and frequency of failures experienced. This information can be used to analyze the effect of process changes or to determine the effectiveness of re-calibration on a particular type of failure.

Reject Analysis Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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