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Statistical Process Control Summary

The Statistical Process Control (SPC) application warns of processes trending out of control. It can collect measurements from factoryInsite® Product Tracking, measurement stations, or manual entry.

Statistical Process Control Benefits

  • Gives quality charts for in-progress operations to allow fastest possible handling of potential problems.
  • Handles results from assembly, calibration, and test equipment allowing a view of the total process.
  • Part measurements can be kept with individual serial numbers or can be grouped only by part number.
  • Statistical analysis can use normalized measurement allowing comparisons across product families.

Statistical Process Control Function and Use

SPC receives measurements from automated test equipment or manual entry. Production workers can view pre-formatted graphs and reports selected from menus or they can create ad-hoc queries. Quality control personnel or engineers can use a wide variety of tools to view production in real-time or analyze historical measurements.

Statistical Process Control Features

Quality measurements can originate with Factory Insite, Inc.'s automated product tracking or scrap and rework reporting as well as data collection software and equipment from many vendors.

Product measurements collected can contain multiple sets of nine variable measurements and four characteristics. This information can be correlated by the SPC analysis when product tracking is used.

The real-time component of SPC provides graphical control charts of the current production. This is invaluable when automated equipment is used to test production in a relatively unattended operation. If measurement data from a calibration process is available, this data can be used to produce control charts.

Production measurements can be combined with SPC sampling to provide cross correlation and check both production and test measuring equipment.

Real-time analysis can be set to signal out of control band readings via log files, electronic mail, or the Factory Insite, Inc.’s voice announcement system.

Statistical Process Control Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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