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Time and Attendance Summary

The Time and Attendance application streamlines the payroll process by eliminating multiple human entries. All time spent by employees is allocated to job classifications. Hours approved by Shop supervisors are sent to payroll.

Time and Attendance Benefits

  • Time saved by employees not writing timecards
  • Time saved by supervisor not needing to approve each timecard
  • Time saved not reconciling timecards against billed labor
  • Time saved not entering timecards for payroll
  • Errors made in data entry are reduced
  • Misreported overpaid/underpaid time captured
  • No paper timecards
  • Real time employee status available
  • Minimal employee clock-in/clock-out effort
  • No time spent looking for lost timecards
  • Check on overtime work in progress
  • Supervisors approve all work by exceptions only
  • Native linkage to most payroll systems

Time and Attendance Function and Use

Time and attendance accepts employee badge entry to check in and out of default jobs. Employees can switch from one job classification to another during a shift. Supervisors can display current or past work information to monitor late or absent workers and overtime. Managers can establish new employees and allowed time windows for shifts. Computer operations personnel can update the employee list or transfer work records to payroll.

Time and Attendance Features

Employees are identified by a badge, employee number, department, and default job classification and shift. Job classifications combined with shifts give a time window of normal operation. Work outside this window is considered overtime and may require prior authorization by a supervisor.

Employees can change job classifications within a shift but only a supervisor can authorize reporting on another shift. Check-in to the default job only requires entry of a badge. All job classifications are fully user definable.

Supervisory personnel can view information from any time entry station after entering a valid security code. Displays and reports can be produced to show employees currently working, absentees, late employees, employees who left early, overtime work, and historical time summaries. Displays can be selected by department and shift.

Employee work records can be corrected by supervisory personnel before it is transferred to payroll. Information is transferred to payroll based on an ending shift on a particular date.

Time and Attendance Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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