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Tool Check-Out Summary

The Tool Crib Check-Out application shows the location, condition, and responsible employees for all inventories in tool cribs. Expendable items and tool usage can be charged to projects, customers, or other user defined codes.

Tool Check-Out Benefits

  • Assigns tools to employees for accountability.
  • Shows locations (department, job site, workcenter, etc.) of tools in use for tracking.
  • Tool condition on each return is traced to predict when repair or replacement is needed.
  • Tool utilization can be tracked to determine whether additional tools need to be purchased.
  • Tools and expendables can be billed to a project.

Tool Check-Out Function and Use

Tool crib check-out allows location tracking of tools and expendable items either in the tool crib or signed out by an employee. The tool crib attendant verifies tool conditions on their return and distributes the tools and expendables. Assets to be signed out are identified by user definable bar code labels which can be entered via bar code reading equipment.

Tool Check-Out Features

Tools are identified by an asset number, a serial number, and a tool crib location. All of these are user definable. Expendable items are identified by an asset number, a tool crib location, and a quantity on hand. The expendable quantity can be modified as needed.

Both attended and self-serve tool cribs are supported. If the tool crib is attended, requests can be made for items ahead of time for pick-up.

A tool crib employee in an attended crib must identify themselves with their identification badge when assuming responsibility for authenticating sign-outs. Each employee checking out assets is also identified by their identification badge. When a tool is returned the employee is required to assign a returned condition of the tool and an additional explanation if the condition is "not good". Historical records of sign-out information can be removed based on the date of the sign-out.

Displays and reports can be produced on quantities on hand, tools currently signed out, expendable usage, and defined locations for assets. Reports can be produced sorted by employee, asset, or location depending on the report.

Tool Check-Out Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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