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Tool Development Costing Summary

The Tool Development Costing application allows a company to make the best possible estimations for quotes on the development of a die, mold, fixture or other tool.

Tool Development Costing Benefits

  • Track time spent in development of die, mold, fixture, or any manufacturing equipment for charge-back or costing.
  • Historical database gives you information on actual time spent to prepare quotations.
  • Time can be split for analysis by user defined breakdowns such as manufacturing station type, operation performed, etc. to give costing summary.
  • Development operation steps can be reported as partially complete to give the most accurate real-time status possible.

Tool Development Costing Function and Use

The Tool Development Costing applications allows an operator to track time for a tool by selecting station type, tool type, station number, detail number, revision, press size, and operation. Each of these selections will categorize the time spent so that costing reports can be developed for any of these selections. When an operator checks out they can enter Work In Process (WIP) completed, Quantity finished and Quantity in WIP.

Tool Development Costing Features

By breaking an operation down into the different categories, costing reports can be produced to show the total cost of a tool or the total cost of all tools for each category. These reports can be utilized by sales, various levels of management and for machine capacity.

The WIP and completed work is tracked so that an operator is aware of WIP when they check in for an operation.

Operators are validated against a list of authorized operators.

The date and time during check in and check out are automatically entered so that accurate elapsed time is kept.

All entry screens allow for easy touch screen data entry with pull down lists to select from.

Tool Development Costing Cost Savings

We provide high quality factory floor data collection and analysis systems tailored so that manufacturers can accurately determine and improve the efficiency of their environment.

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